People are talking about Reflections on Life in the San Juan Islands . . .

“What a joy to have my feelings for these Islands authenticated so engagingly. In essays that are wistful, introspective, or laugh-outloud funny, Mary portrays the rhythms of life and the strength of friendship and community experienced here. Her thoughtful compilation reminds us that ‘to everything there is indeed a time and a season’ and wherever we may roam, there is nothing like returning to ‘The Rock.’”
— Alice B. Acheson, publishing consultant and former NYC book editor

“To read Kalbert’s impressions of living on an Island in the Northwest is to view a life far removed from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, and reminds the reader of the time and values of Thoreau’s Life in the Woods. Her subtly linked columns draw the reader into a gentle world marching with the seasons and convey to us the joys of observing life while living at a slower pace.”
— Jack Cory, long time resident of San Juan Island and owner of The Island

“Mary Kalbert pays attention and has a natural instinct for the telling detail. Admirers of The New York Times’ Verlyn Klinkenborg, an American master, will find a kindred voice in Kalbert’s work. Accuracy, kindness, and compassion underlie these pieces like rocks in a streambed.”
— Mike Macdonald, Editor of At Home Magazine, San Juan Island